Unpunctuality of doctors, paramedical staff renders patients to suffer at Kupwara hospital

Last Updated: November 28, 2017 at 6:20 pm

 Azad Hussain/PTK

KUPWARA | NOV 28 (PTK): Inhabitants of Kupwara and its adjoining areas alleges that the patients face massive inconvenience due to the unpunctuality of Doctors and paramedical staff at District hospital Kupwara.

They said that the staff of the hospital arrives late in the morning and during lunch break to perform their duties. They alleged that despite heavy flow of patients in OPD, most of the Doctors and paramedical staff arrives and leave during morning and lunch time at their own will.

They said that such behavior from the medical staff results in immense inconvenience to the patients who visit to this hospital from far flung areas of Kupwara district.

Pertinently patients from remote areas of Kupwara district, who cannot afford to go to private hospitals, come to the government hospital for treatment.

“No inspection from the concerned authorities has given leeway to the doctors to show up for duty whenever they deem necessary. Most of these doctors either run private clinics or work in private hospitals,” said a patient at the hospital. Adding that the hospital management is least bothered about the serious lack of punctuality among the doctors.

Meanwhile non-availability of medicines adds to the miseries, they said. They added that the doctors prescribe only those medicines which are available with the chemists commissioned with these doctors.

Patients said that due to the acute medicine shortage in the hospital, the patients are told to buy them from the market. “The bulk of the medicines is supplied to the hospital stores but patients are suggested to buy these medicine from the market,” said one of the attendant.

A Poor female patient from Lolab valley said that she had come for treatment in the hospital where she was asked to get USG done from the outside as the staff was not available in the hospital.

When contacted with chief medical officer Kupwara, Dr Prahlad Singh said, “We will never tolerate those employees who will not turn up on time. We will definitely take action against the erring employees if found guilty”. (PTK)