Syria’s ‘grand Mufti’, Mehbooba role models to tyrants, murderers of Muslims: DeM


SRINAGAR, SEP 30 (PTK): Flaying the so-called “Grand Mufti” of Syria, Dr. Ahmad Bader Eddin Mohammad Adib Hassoun, for his comments regarding the puppet Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti,

Dukhatarn-e-Millat on Saturday said that these two persons are role models to none but to each other in terms of murdering and massacring the Muslims in Syria and Jammu and Kashmir respectively.

“It funny and at the same time ironic that this so-called Mufti, on the orders of his tyrant master, is involved in murder of thousands of Muslims in Syria is praising a women who has so far killed hundreds of innocent Kashmiris and blinded children, men, women, young and old in thousands,” DeM general secretary of DeM, Nahida, Nasreen said in a statement.

She said that both this so-called Mufti and the puppet CM are part of fascist forces and have qualities that of the tyrant Yazeed, who mercilessly massacred the family members of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW.” Yazeed martyred Imam Hussain RA and his family members, this Mufti of Syria and Mehbooba Mufti are also killing the innocent Muslims likewise,” she added.

“Just because this man has Arabic or a Muslim name doesn’t make him some authority. He has been made so-called Mufti by the tyrant Bashar al Assad to give legitimacy to the massacres and murders of innocent Muslims,” Nasreen added.

Similarly,she said, Mehbooba Mutfi too is involved in continuous murder of innocent Muslims in JK since she was made a puppet by India. “Thousands of men, women and children are blind because of this. She (Mehbooba) is also working tirelessly to prolong Indian illegal occupation and is also been assigned the task to extend the Indian Hindutva agenda to Jammu and Kashmir,” she added.

“ Like this so-called Mufti is working to fulfil the heinous agenda of Bashar al Assad, Mehbooba is working on similar agenda assigned to her by her Hindu masters. Both these persons give legitimacy to the sins and tyranny of their masters,” she added.

She said that both these persons follow a similar track and that is why they are praising each other. “They are role models to each other as far as tyranny and barbarism is concerned. In no way, these two are role models to Muslims,” she added.

She said that such statement from this so-called Mufti was not surprising. “The agenda which has been assigned to them by their non-Muslim and tyrant masters, such people keep on working on that only. So this statement wasn’t surprising at all,”she added.

She said that this Mufti’s visit to Kashmir will also be a part of that fascist and anti-Muslim agenda which is being pursued in Kashmir and in Syria. “We mustn’t worry about it. Yes she (Mehbooba) is a role model to the killers and murderers across the world. She is a role model to anti-Muslim forces. This role suits her”

Nasreen said that such Yazeediyat and fascism cannot survive for long. “It is the Hussaini though which survives and shines forever,” she added

She urged the youth to be steadfast on the truthful path shown by our Prophet Muhammad SAW. “Our men must play the role of Hazrat Hussain RA and our women must play the role of Hazrat Zainab who stood firm against the tyranny and oppression and this is what the philosophy of Muharram ul Haram teaches us,” she added.

“It is great chance for us to identify those who follow the path of Hazrat Hussain RA and those who are followers of Yazeed. The Mujahideen who are fighting the illegal Indian occupation in Kashmir are on the path of Hazrat Hussain RA and those who harm them, facilitate their killing and help India in acting against these Mujahideen are the followers of Yazeed,” she added.

“Insha Allah, Kashmir will soon be free and the whole world will witness Islamic revolution as it is Allah SWT’s promise.”
Taking a dg at the Victor Force chief Major Gen B S Rajiv for his statement that “Kashmiris must abstain from dreaming about their freedom”, Nasreen said that the people of Kashmir have been struggling against the illegal Indian occupation from 1947. “India, for the past 70 years, hasn’t been able to kill this movement. Generation after generation, Kashmiris continue to fight this illegal occupation.

We are being maimed, injured, our properties are being destroyed but we will continue to keep this movement alive until last Indian force personal is thrown out of Kashmir,” Nasreen added. (PTK)



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