Saudi woman divorces husband who loved her more than his mother


In bizarre case of marriage going wrong, a 29-year-old Saudi man had never imagined his wife for whom he left his family would drag him to court seeking divorce.

The estranged husband was shattered as he stood in the courtroom hearing his wife’s stern decision for a divorce. He was perplexed over her decision as both denied having any problems in their marriage but still the woman was adamant on being separated

The reason the woman stated for seeking a divorce was that her husband abandoned his own mother and family to be with her. “I can never trust a man who does everything to keep his wife happy while he denies even a small favour to his mother,” she told the judge.

The woman also stated that her husband had done everything for her, from taking her to foreign trips to buying her expensive gifts. However, his attitude towards his own family had struck a sour note in their marriage, the woman was quoted in Saudi Gazatte. However, the husband told the judge that he was not ready to leave his wife and asked her, “Didn’t I abandon my own family for you?”

The woman agreed to everything her husband claimed in the court but said that she was determined to leave him because he preferred her over his family members, including his mother.

She also stated that her husband could leave her also the same way he left his own family and returned the dowry her husband had given her.

After listening to woman’s arguments, the judge granted divorce leaving the man shocked.

An anonymous judicial source applauded the woman’s decision as her husband left his mother who gave him birth and sacrificed her own life for his happiness. The identity of the estranged couple is not known.