Ramazan to fall on Thursday in S Arabia, Australia, Malaysia, Japan


UBAI: Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations, like Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Gulf states, Australia, England, Japan, US and other countries will begin the holy month of Ramazan on Thursday.

Millions of Muslims around the world will start the fasting month of Ramazan on Thursday based on a moon-sighting methodology as the multiple countries have announce that Ramazan crescent was not sighted on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Supreme Court announced Tuesday that Ramadan’s crescent was not sighted in the Kingdom, adding that the first day of the Islamic holy month of fasting will begin in S Arabia on Thursday.

Other Gulf nations will also observe Ramadan from Thursday.


The Australian Muslim Council of Imams has declared that the holy month of Ramadan will fall on Thursday May 17, 2018.

The announcement was made by the Grand Mufti of Australia, Abdul Azim Al Afifi on the council’s official Facebook page.


In Malaysia, Muslims will begin observing the month of Ramazan on Thursday, May 17, 2018, according to government-owned RTM.

The announcement was made by the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal, Datuk Seri Syed Danial Syed Ahmad, according to the New Straits Times.


In a statement, Japan ‘s Ruet-e-Hilal Committee said that the crescent was not sighted anywhere in the country.

“The fasting month of Ramadan will begin on Thursday in Japan,” it announced.



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