Poor network irks Airtel subscribers



Nazim Ali Manhas/Bureau Poonch

Poonch 13-JAN(PTK). The telecom company Airtel subscribers across the border district Poonch are facing difficulties due to poor network for the past few weeks.

Airtel users are complaining that they are facing issues like call drops, connection breaks, inconsistent speed, no availability of 4G service etc.

Customers said that services are erratic. “I am facing poor network issues from the past few days. The internet speed is poor and the 4G service in my area is pathetic. There are times when calls made through the network or made to me do not connect,” says  Mohit Kapoor, a resident of Poonch Town.

Many customers complained that they are facing network problems while accessing the internet across locations. Most users complain that the connectivity of Airtel has dropped drastically in Mendhar, Baalakote, Mankote and other areas.

An Airtel spokesperson said, “We are monitoring our network and examining the issues being faced by the customers. These will be resolved very soon(PTK).”