Play Ground in Kangan in dilapidated conditions

Last Updated: November 8, 2017 at 7:45 pm

Play Ground in Kangan in dilapidated conditions

Raja Syed Rather 

KANGAN GANDERBAL, Nov 08 (PTK): Due to the official neglect, the Central Kashmir’s district Ganderbal lacks basic sports infrastructure facilities and the only available sporting field is in dilapidated conditions.

Belying the Government claims of being committed for all round development of sports infrastructure across the State, the only playground Prang Kangan is in a shambles.

Locals said that the pathetic and dilapidated condition of the ground, local cricketers say is hindering their talent from blossoming to the full.

“We went everywhere pleading for renovation of the playfield. We too want to make it to the big but owing to the lack of proper infrastructure our efforts always go down the drain. Besides, persistent attempts of bringing the matter into the notice of the authorities proved fruitless owing to their cold response,” scores of cricketers told PTK.

The sorry state of sports infrastructure is such that the Tehsil Kangan has only one sports ground and there is no other playground in this area. The government has failed to maintain the only sports playground and not to give the sports facilities in the district Ganderbal.

“We have only one sport play ground here in the tehsil Kangan but Government has not to give any approach towards the lone play ground here in Prang Kangan. The District Ganderbal should have separate sports paying fields for football, cricket and other indoor games,” they told PTK. (PTK)