Orphans forced to do manual labor in Kangan Yateem trust

Last Updated: October 12, 2017 at 6:45 pm

SRINAGAR, OCT 12 (PTK):  Orphans at Yateem Trust in Kangan are allegedly forced to do manual labour of unloading the supply to the orphanage.

Eyewitnesses told PTK that the very Yateem Trust responsible for helping orphans and widows of the state running under the supervision of social welfare Department is forcing orphans regularly to work as labourers.


They said that there are contractors who have responsibility of unloading the supplies and carrying it to the store. The supply is meant for the orphans, they said adding that it is not the job of orphans to unload or carry the supply for the stock.

Eyewitnesses term the act of responsible persons as unfortunate. They said that children are forced to work to save some money. They said that the supply which the orphanage received on last Monday was unloaded and then carried to the store by the orphan children adding that there seems none to ask supplier about the act.


When contacted Deputy Commissioner, Ganderbal told PTK, “We will take strict action against such officers. Let me see the issue and if there is any such injustice with orphans, it will be dealt strictly as per law”.

Meanwhile ahead of winters, they (children) lack the facilities of mattresses, blankets, pillows besides to other basic facilities to survive during chilly winter.

They said that there is need of the efforts from the Trust to providing an excellent homely environment to the children adding that there is a need to improve the living standards of the children during the winters. (PTK)