Mother Of An 8-YO Enters Mosque And Beats The Maulvi Who Molested Her Daughter



The world is tired of seeking justice from the court and the authorities since all of them are mere puppets of those in power, especially in India. We all can site at least one example where someone in power has been acquitted despite committing a heinous or unforgivable crime.

Therefore, in a world where money, connections, links and power proceeds veritable judgements, people are forced to take matters into their own hands. The past couple of days have been extremely despondent for women in our country – 8-year-old raped and killed, another 11-year-old from Surat raped and killed, mother of 3 raped. The Kathua and Unnao cases are not kept under wraps.

Keeping that in mind, mother of an 8-year-old who was molested by a Maulvi inside the Mosque took the matter into her own hands, and beat him to his sanity. In the below clip, the mother walks into a mosque along with her daughter and uses a stick to beat the him.

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Mother of a 8 years old girl entered into the mosque and beating the Molvi for molesting her daughter, proud of her 💕

Other Maulvis who were present at the Mosque pitched in and helped the distraught mother.



No. But don’t you think everyone deserves due process?



No. But don’t you think everyone deserves due process?


Kids that young wouldnt even know to make that up , come on use your head dude



She’s not hitting him hard enough in my opinion

After the video went viral, many people have raised concerns that everyone deserves a chance to make their case, even the Maulvi, which is right. However, we don’t think that an 8-year-old would bear the minds and sinful intentions to frame a story as agonizing as that.