Low quality material used for Dursuma to Arhama road Macadamisation


GANDERBAL, OCT 12 (PTK): People residing along national highway at Dursuma to Arhama of Ganderbal district alleged that a low quality material was used for the road macadamized last year.


They said that the highway has developed ditches, holes and cracks that create immense inconvenience for people passing through. They demand Macadamisation of damaged road.



They said that the department had assured afresh Macadamisation but the condition of the road remained unchanged.


“The condition of this road is getting worse day by day and if it remains in the same condition for the coming days, it can get more damaged and it cannot be macadamize in that position”, said a local resident.


“The department ensures tenders for macadamizing. (PTK)



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