Kashmiri Poet Moat Magray Habibulah Day celebrated at Charwan Kangan in Ganderbal


Raja Syed Rather PTK

GANDERBAL 01 Octobar 2017(PTK).Moat Magray Habib Charwan Trust today organized a day-long Seminar highlighting the life and work of Moat Magray Habibulah at charwan Kangan in central Kashmir Ganderbal District.

it may be mentioned that Moat Habibulah Magray was one of the leading Kashmiri poet of the 19th century.

He was born at Charwan, a historic village in Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir,Through his verses, he rose to become the most popular poet of Kashmir attaining an iconic status.

Prominent writers,broadcasters of Kashmiri language including Director Radio Kashmir Syed Hemayun Qaisar, Ab.Ahad Farhad,Sahil Farooq,Rashid Rahil,Journalist Sheikh Matloob, Mala Ji Magray,Gh.Rasool Qamar read out well researched papers on the poetry of Moat magray habibulah.

In his remarks, Director Radio Kashmir Syed Hemayun Qaisar said that very few poets across the global literary sphere have attained legendary eminence among their own people.

Speaking on the occasion the Director Radio Kashmir Syed Hemayun Qaisar underscored the need for highlighting the workings of this great poet who is also known as Moat of Kashmir by organising Mushairas and publication of his famed poetry at Charwan Kangan.

Sahil Farooq said his belief in unity, religious harmony and fellow feeling, coupled with the simplicity and commonness made his message more appealing and universal and became a symbol for a Kashmiri patriot. The message through his poetry earned him the title of The Poet of New Kashmir.

His poetry, its fervent youthfulness, its vibrant tenor, its tone of hearty yearning, its pristine emotions, all point to a poet, untouched by the cares of decaying age(PTK)

A large number of writers and lovers of Kashmiri language and literature were present.

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