Hurriyat denounces police for creating chaos in state   

Last Updated: November 22, 2017 at 5:56 pm

Hurriyat denounces police for creating chaos in state   

SRINAGAR, NOVEMBER 22: Huriyat Conference strongly denounced the police for creating chaos in the state saying, that they are humiliating and arresting resistance leaders on one or other pretext and added that this lawlessness is being carried under the garb of “preventive custody”.

“In exercise state has been turned into a police state and detention period of those arrested is prolonged on flimsy grounds”, said Hurriyat and added that for this lawlessness police authorities don’t follow any judicial procedure or standard norms.

Referring to the detention of Mohammad Ashraf Sehrai, spokesperson, Gh Mohd Gulzar and Mohd Ashraf Laya, Hurriyat said that all these leaders were taken into preventive custody, a few days back on martyrdom of Shaheed Mugais Mir and placed under house detention.

 Hurriyat said that its senior leader 85-year-old Shah Wali Mohammad was also arrested for leading funeral of a martyr, saying that till now he is in unlawful police custody.

Hurriyat blamed police authorities for bullying and their arrogance & said that in every police station though it is being displayed that no one can be detained for more than 24 hours, however all these norms are thrown to winds, added Hurriyat.

 Hurriyat said that that it is just for name sake while as those arrested on false allegations of stone pelting are detained for months together, lodged in torture centres and even their families are also tried for no fault of theirs.

Hurriyat made it clear that all these suppressive tactics and coercive measures won’t break their resolve, nor can deter from pursuing their freedom mission.