HCJK pays tribute to slain militants

Last Updated: December 7, 2017 at 6:08 pm

HCJK pays tribute to slain militants

 SRINAGAR | DEC 07 (PTK): HCJK pays glowing tribute to Qazigund martyrs Shaheed Yawer Bashir including two other martyrs who achieved martyrdom.

HCJK Convener and Muslim conference chairman Shabir Ahmad Dar, Mahzi Azadi president Muhammad Iqbal Mir, International forum for justice chairman Muhammad Ahsaan Untoo, Young mens league chairman Imtiyaz Ahmad Reshi and Tehreeqi Istiqamat chairman Gh Nabi War has paid glowing tribute to martyrs of Qazigund Shaheed Yawer Bashir including two Two other guest Mujaheddin who achieved martyrdom in an encounter with forces.

They said the  mujahedin fought with courage & conviction  & reminded occupational forces that they can no longer hold Kashmir under their forced occupation, “The huge number of people who attended the  funeral procession of these great martyrs  should serve as eye opener to India that the people of Kashmir are with freedom movement & always stand with those who are offering resistance to their illegal occupation  the indiscriminate firing on civilians  who became the victim of  worst kind of state terrorism remind us that India only talks through the barrel of gun”, HCJK said .

 “The state terrorism practiced by India in Kashmir makes our resolve strong that for our survival we will have to fight the foreign occupation with conviction & determination otherwise our survival is under serious threat as Indian design  seems to  pursue the policy of mass murders in Kashmir”, HCJK said.

HCJK said, “ The martyrdom of these brave hearts  is a glaring example of love & affection the people of Kashmir shower on mujahidin. The martyrdom of these great sons  brought people on rods to protest  against the killing & show their solidarity with freedom fighters, this angered the trigger happy forces of occupation who started firing indiscriminately resulting in the serious injuries to many civilians  the precious sacrifices offered by these mujahidin will be answered with complete freedom from India”. (PTK)