End of support after win of battle

Last Updated: January 25, 2018 at 11:01 am

Zuber Ahmed Khan


At last film “Padmavati” based on the real love story of Hindu Rajput Queen and Muslim Ruler Allahauddin released.  Once again this Journalist defeated to the Hindu Terrorists.  Earlier this Journalist defeated to the Mafia Don of Indore Kailash and Terrorist in Bollywood. Duo were protesting against the film Raees and this journalist was supported to the film. Mafia Don of Indore then crossed all the limits of civilisation, hypocrisy, basterdness, cruelty, shrewdness and played the communal card while give it communal colour and looked the film with the spectacles cast by Pakistani and Muslim stars.  They promoted Qabil which was based on Hindu Tea man in opposition of Raees.


The battle cannot vanquish mere on wordings alone, the real warrior one who defend the war upto the final stage remain unbeaten and declare as winner.  Qabil proved as another biggest flop show and Raees indeed become wealthy and this Journalist won.


The lost gives sleepless nights to these two terrorists and they rearranged to take vendetta of lost and they targeted the Padmavati.  When matter become complicated, so unwillingly this Journalist involved him and raised his support in favour of film “Padmavati” based on the true love story of Hindu Rajpoot Queen and Muslim Ruler and against the Hindu Terrorists, Administration of Hindu State of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.


This time Terrorists might have thought that this Journalist certainly would defeated, because entire Government machinery, Judiciary, Central leadership and the team of Langoor Journalists are with us.  Still terrorists lost the battle, and Government machinery, Judiciary, Central leadership and even team of Langoor Journalists could not stop the release of film.


This is  certainly win for the true love of Hindu Quees Padmavati and Muslim Ruler Allahauddin which also proves that truth always win. Terrorists with uncivilised mentality try to create hypocrisy, basterdness, cruelty, shrewdness cry hard jump high still they lost which proves that true love and truth always win.  Fact cannot be concealed, terrified or even assassinate.  The people who moved on the path of fact may faces some trouble but those who are with firm determination keeps on going in the battle ground they are the indeed Brave hearts and awarded with triump.


The support of this Journalist was upto the release of film, immediately his support finished when film released.  Unlike Raees which was supported by this Journalist it upto successful hit and flop to Qabil,  because mafia Don of Indore Kailash promoted Qabil against Raees, so this Journalist supported Raees to become super duper hit. Whereas support to the Padmavati and war for it  was only upto release.  Because Hindu Terrorists opposing its show in the theatres. If film down from the screen, if public did not go to watch it or public keep them self imposed curfew still this Journalist did not have any objection.   This time again this Journalist won the battle successfully for the cause which he was supported against the entire Central leadership of Terrorists, State Administration and people of Hindu State to ban the film.