12 Reasons Why Kashmiris Love Republic Day And Independence Day


Be it Republic day or Independence day of India, it’s special to Kashmiris in only one way – It’s a holiday.

1. It all starts with HIGH ALERT in Kashmir. EVERY YEAR!!! Five to Six days before Republic day or Independence day Kashmir is on High Alert.

High alert Kashmir


2. That’s how the security check phase begins.checking starts


3. The nightmare of unnecessary frisking starts weeks before the celebrated days.

kashmir republic day checking


4. This is how we feel after checking 🙁
scanner republic

5. And God forbid, if you forget your identity card and police stop you for frisking then Allah hi hafiz ha..

identity card kashmir

6. In short, aes che yewaan dagne till the D-Day celebration ends.

police kashmir

7. Finally, the D-day is herecaged republic

8. This is how we feel.

republic day caged

9. Because every year mobile networks are blocked on 26 Jan and 15 August.

mobile internet barred

10. Our D-Day morning time pass.

republic day kashmir restriction

11. And, if you decide to go out …

republic day out


12. Happy RIPublic Day (:

happy republic day


P.S Lately, experts say that this is the reason for the delay in Chillai Kalaan 😛

chilai kalan identity


Image Credits Mir Suhail. 



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